Ivo David Fine Art


"My painting is the result of an elaborate research of mixtures that is effected through the art of representing The Fusionism of Ivo David - A search for freedom in artthings through images sublimated through the use of colors and solidified by the heterogeneous presences rather than reality. This is only a pretext to achieve the surrealistic experience wherein, though, thought and reason are always present. It is never absurd, illogical, grotesque or a caricature. The truth decomposed in its primordial elements to then be able to be transfused and transported, and therefore recomposed into a metaphorical oneiric dimension of high artistic value. Thus the paintings become the expression of the psyche through the color, details are instruments and expedients that lead to the dream, that is, to an oneiric and poetic vision of the same truth from which I originally departed.

Self Portrait in Oil by Ivo David an example of Fusionism

Through my chromaticism I overtake the original shape defined in neat countours and suggest an authentic and original painitng that exalts the vibration of light, the function of chiaroscuro, the rhythm of movement without quite indulging in certain Feminine nuances that are found in baroque and rococo art.

My teachers and ideals have been Rembrandt, Dali, Chagall, Gaugin, Koch, Blake, Modigliani, De Chirico, Guttuso and Van Gogh."

—Ivo David

Download the Manifesto of Fusionism