Ivo David Fine Art

Dante's Purgatory

"In my works the sacred really enjoys ample space. The Bible offers numerous subjects, and I could not resist their appeal, especially those of the Gospel. Therefore, I painted The Good Samaritan, The Crucifixion, The Deposition from the Cross, The Pious Women, The Cireneus. The religious subjects form the soul of my art. I concentrated my attention on The Divine Comedy, and in particular, on the main religious characters present in Dante's masterpiece."
—Ivo David

*These sketches are copyrighted and are in the permanent collection of Museo Dantesco di Torre dè - Passeri. Casa di Dante, Museo Fortunato Bellonzi, Abbruzzo, Italy and in several private collections.

Download the descriptions of Dante's Purgatory (pdf)