Impressionist painter Ivo David - scenes of New York and Europe

New York, Central Park-  by Ivo David of Vero Beach, FL
"New York, Central Park"
30" x 24"
Country Wedding in Portugal by Ivo David
"Country Wedding in Portugal"
24" x 30"
Cranberry New Jersey landscape by Ivo David
"Cranberry - New Jersey"
SOLD 22" x 28"
Fountain in Central Park by impressionist Ivo David
"Fountain in Central Park, NY"
30" x 24"

Lexington Avenue New York landscape by impressionist Ivo David
"Lexington Avenue New York "
36" x 24"
The Kiss in Central Park by Ivo David
"The Kiss in Central Park"
24" x 30"
The Flower Pickers impressionist painting by Ivo David
"Flower Pickers"
SOLD 24" x 30 "
In the Garden With Maria by Ivo David
"In the Garden with Maria II"
30" x 24"
Lady with Cat by Ivo David
"Lady with Cat "
36" x 24"

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